Do House Cleaners Bring Their Own Supplies?

Do house cleaners bring their own supplies? No, house cleaners do not bring their own supplies with them.

This is because the majority of people have an affinity with certain cleaning products and prefer the cleaner to use the brands they like.

There is also a risk of allergies when you introduce new cleaning products to a new environment.

For example, changes in washing powder can lead to negative reactions with your skin such as a rash.

If you’re not sure whether your cleaner will arrive at your home with their own cleaning products and equipment, ask them before you proceed with anything.


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High quality cleaning supplies

Cleaning companies also use their buying power to purchase powerful state-of-the-art cleaning equipment that you may not own.

This allows them to reach a very high standard of cleanliness that your own equipment may not be able to achieve.

This is especially true with carpet cleaning as a normal domestic carpet cleaner is no match for the heavy duty industrial cleaners that a professional cleaning company would use.

Most professional cleaning companies will use your cleaning products and will also require the use of your vacuum cleaner.

If you are in any doubt this should be discussed prior to work commencing.

Typical resources used by cleaners

Supplies that a cleaner is likely to need in order to clean your home thoroughly include, sponges, scourers, dusters, microfibre cloths, mops and buckets, brushes, cloths for polishing glass, a dustpan and brush plus protective gloves.

They may also require furniture polish, mildew cleaner, descaler, disinfectant, sanitiser, toilet cleaning products and oven cleaner, to give just a few examples.

Can I ask my cleaner to use products I have selected?

There are many reasons why you may ask a domestic cleaner to use products that you have chosen.

For instance, you may have allergies that mean you could come to harm if specific products are used.

You may also wish to avoid the use of certain products on specific furniture items having had bad experiences with these before.

If your cleaner or cleaners are using their own products, let them know beforehand if there are any specific resources that you don’t want them to use.

Perhaps there are specific products that you do want your cleaner to use? If so, request that these are utilised as part of your cleaning schedule.

Why outsource domestic cleaning to a company?

There are many big benefits to using domestic house cleaners if you cannot or simply don’t wish to clean your home yourself.

Professional cleaners tend to have vast skill and experience, which means they may be able to achieve a standard of cleanliness that you can’t.

You may need to use a professional cleaning service because you have mobility problems, don’t have time to clean to a high standard or would rather use your spare time for other activities.

If you do decide to outsource your cleaning to a professional cleaning company then you should ensure they have the correct insurance in place and that all there staff have been PVG checked for your safety and security.

Achieve a better standard of cleanliness

Not every cleaning company is the same, and some will only use their own products when cleaning your home.

However, others may use products that you have supplied for them if this is your preference.

In any case, using a professional cleaning company can save you a great deal of time whilst ensuring unpleasant tasks that you’d rather avoid are completed on your behalf.

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