Best Domestic House Cleaners

There are many things you need to bear in mind when you’re looking for domestic house cleaners.

Enlisting the services of a cleaner for your home can save you a great deal of time, freeing up hours you can use for other duties or simply relaxing.

Professional house cleaners can also come to your assistance if you can’t clean your home to a high standard due to mobility problems.

So if you are considering looking for a cleaner but need help selecting the right one, read on.


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Make sure your house cleaner is vetted

Make sure any cleaner that you use has been vetted and is criminal record checked.

If you don’t use someone who meets these criteria, you could be putting yourself, a loved one or your possessions at risk.

All our staff at Polished Scot are vetted via a PVG (Protecting Vulnerable Groups) disclosure record which means they are cleared to work with vulnerable people. You can read more about the system we use via the Scottish Government website on PVG

Many people use cleaning agencies to find cleaners as they have more to lose by failing to meet your expectations.

Ensure your home cleaner is insured

The cleaners that you use should also be insured. Accidents can happen, but if your home cleaners have the right insurance in place you can rest assured that you’re covered if injuries or damage to your property occur.

Even if a company has exceptional low rates, you should look elsewhere if you can’t see proof of insurance.

How much should I pay a house cleaner?

If you pay too little and you may receive a substandard service. However, this doesn’t mean that you should fork out sky-high fees just to get your home cleaned to a high standard.

You can usually expect to pay around £15-£17 an hour for an experienced cleaner that works for a professional cleaning company. You may save money by going with a private individual, however they typically do not have insurance and have not had a criminal background check.

Please remember, any fees will be subject to pay VAT if you’re using a cleaning company.

Paying a substantial amount doesn’t always mean receiving a superior service, so shop around wisely to avoid wasting money.

We are happy to have our service and quality compared with any other cleaning provider.

Instructing your house cleaner

To get the best results from your cleaner, you should provide them with instructions. Customer needs can vary, and the jobs you require may be somewhat different to another person’s requirements.

Let them know if you want them attend to parts that are hard-to-reach or visible parts of your home only.

Every few months or so you may require a deep clean so dust and dirt that’s built up in corners, on top of wardrobes and similar places can be attended to.

Surfaces that require touchpoint Covid-19 cleaning include doorknobs, handles, telephones, light switches and so on. These should be cleaned daily.

The more frequently a surface is touched, the more regularly it needs to be cleaned.

Areas that require specific attention may include canteens, receptions, conference rooms, toilets, shower rooms and handwashing stations to name but a few.

Are replacement cleaners available?

Make sure a replacement cleaner will be available if your existing cleaner can’t visit your home for any reason.

It’s important to know someone will be able to step in when your cleaner is off sick or away on holiday – unless you are happy to carry out cleaning duties yourself when they are not available.

Don’t hesitate to seek references from former and current customers before you agree to anything.

Sekk out specialist cleaning skills

The best and most sought after cleaners tend to be ones that can carry out more demanding work as well as basic tasks like vacuuming and wiping down surfaces.

This is why it’s wise to seek out people who are highly experienced in carpet cleaning, dealing with tough stains and other demanding challenges.

Speaking to a cleaner prior to any work taking place can help you make the right decision. This will also give you a chance to ask them how they would deal with specific cleaning requirements.

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