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We have developed our expertise in providing cleaning services for providers of holiday lets and Airbnb accommodation in Edinburgh

Many of our holiday let clients asked us to provide a service for their investment properties after experiencing the quality of our residential cleaning services.

Tom Durlak, Managing director, polished scot

Ensure your guests have a special experience
and leave five star reviews every time

Properties expertly prepared for letting

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Full linen service available

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Our team are skilled in cleaning your property to a hotel standard, ensuring your guests enjoy their stay and leave excellent reviews.
We tailor make our holiday let cleaning services to suit your needs and your timescales.

You can rely on our professionalism, flexibility and reliability to provide a complete, thorough cleaning service to ensure your property is at its very best every time a new guest walks in. 

We know that the provision of a superlative cleaning service is the heart of our business. However, over the years some of our customers have built on the trust they have in what we do to ask us to take on additional services for their holiday letting businesses.

This has included providing a full linen service and guest hospitality services for an ever-increasing number of properties in central Edinburgh.

We are always open to considering building on what we do in this kind of way: we warmly encourage you to discuss with us any additional tasks that you might like us to take on to make it easier for you to make the most of your property investment.

Keeping your investment property safe through Lockdown

At Polished Scot we’re dedicated to providing the safest service possible in order to safeguard you through the lockdown period.
Our professional cleaners are fully trained in the latest cleaning and safety guidelines to keep you safe and secure.
We go beyond traditional cleaning services to deliver a superior experience because we love cleaning.





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Holiday Lets Cleaning

Holiday Lets Cleaning

Holiday Lets Cleaning

How do I deep clean a rental property?

Holiday Lets Cleaning

Are house cleaners allowed during lockdown?

Holiday Lets Cleaning

How long does it take to clean a home?

Holiday Lets Cleaning in Edinburgh

If you are renting out a holiday home and wish to keep complaints to a minimum, it’s vital to invest in quality holiday let cleaning services in Edinburgh. Many holiday home owners have seen their reputations hit hard after receiving bad reviews online, and this can cause potential future guests to think twice about staying in your property.
Protect your reputation
Cleanliness, or the lack of it, is one of the biggest causes of complaints on the holiday let review sites. Investing in professional holiday let cleaning services can help you make the right first impression when people stay in your property. It can also improve the chances of them recommending your property to their friends and family members.

Keep refunds to a minimum
Poor cleaning standards can even leave you out of pocket as you refund the cost or part of the cost of the stay. Refunds can cost you hundreds or even thousands of pounds. This is why we make sure to welcome your guests into a safe, hygienic, clutter-free, spotless environment. Common cleaning-related complaints include mould in bathrooms, dirty kitchen facilities, hairs left in bathrooms, unpleasant smells, stains of bed sheets and dusty surfaces.

Can’t I just clean my Edinburgh holiday home myself?
You may be tempted to clean your property yourself, but this isn’t a great idea for many holiday home owners. You may not reside near the property, or you may not have the time, experience or resources needed to reach the expected standard. A professional cleaning company will make sure you reach the right level of cleanliness and save you a great deal of time. If you have a full-time job it may be hard to find the time to visit your property between each visit. Your professional cleaners can also carry out a host of tasks that you may deem too unpleasant to deal with yourself, such as cleaning toilets.

Key tasks completed by holiday home cleaners
Our Holiday Lets Cleaning service in Edinburgh will be able to carry out a host of tasks for you. They’ll be able to replenish any complimentary supplies that you’ve left for your guests, make sure all leftover food is disposed of and attend to any hard-to-reach areas. They will also alert you to damage and missing items, following an inventory to ensure everything is in good condition and has been left where it should be. They may also be able to attend to emergencies that arise during stays, will be fully insured and wholly compliant with health and safety legislation.
Find the right Edinburgh holiday home cleaner
If you are seeking out cleaners for holiday lets cleaning Edinburgh, it’s important to choose wisely. Some companies have better reputations than others. Opting for the wrong cleaning service can harm your reputation and therefore your profits. You should seek out someone that you can communicate easily with and is willing to go the extra mile to deliver the right results. What’s right for one holiday home owner may not be right for another, so seek out a company offering bespoke cleaning services tailored towards your specific requirements.

holiday lets cleaning in edinburgh
Angelika – Holiday Let Cleaning Manager

Bed Linen

Nothing feels better than clean, fresh smelling bed linen when you are on holiday. We offer a full linen service that includes Bed linen and towels. Please check for full details when ordering. Costs vary from 1 bedroom through to 5 bedroom properties.

AirBnB Cleaning Services in Edinburgh

Travellers all over the world now use Airbnb to seek out quality accommodation in places they’re eager to visit. The service has also helped scores of homeowners to generate extra cash whilst letting out their properties or rooms for a night or two. Airbnb is well known for the way it makes transferring money from guests to owners easy and simplifies communication. If you do have a property that you’re letting out through Airbnb, it’s essential to maintain the highest standard of cleanliness to keep winning positive reviews and encourage more people to stay at your property.
Maintain your reputation
Once you have a large number of positive reviews, you’ll find it much easier to generate more money via your property and get your diary filling up. Cleanliness is one of the key determiners of a positive Airbnb experience. If your guests aren’t happy with your cleanliness standards, you’ll almost certainly find out about it. By enlisting the support of experienced Airbnb cleaners, you can keep negative feedback to a minimum and keep the bookings coming in for months or years to come.

What to expect from Airbnb cleaners
The right professional Airbnb cleaning service will use their experience and powerful resources to reach the highest standard of cleanliness. They should also create a bespoke cleaning schedule that’s tailored to your specific needs and preferences so you’re only paying for what you need. If you are able to welcome your guests into a clean, hygienic property, there’s a bigger chance they will go on to recommend you to their friends and family.

The risks of going it alone
You may be tempted to try and save money by carrying out the cleaning yourself. This is rarely the right solution. If you have a full-time job, you may simply not have time to achieve the standard of cleanliness your guests expect. Things will be even tougher if you don’t live close to the property in question.

Avoid costly refunds
Using professional Airbnb cleaners can also help you avoid paying out hundreds or even thousands in refunds. Whilst you may be able to get away with offering a partial refund, there’s a big chance an unclean property could leave you force to pay your guests back in full. If you fail to comply with Airbnb’s standards, the company could ban you from renting out your property via the service in future.
Win the battle against dirt, dust and grime
Keeping on top of mould, leftover food, stains, bad aromas, dirt, dust and clutter with Airbnb cleaning services can help you generate much more income from your property. The more positive ratings you have, the more contact you’ll receive from potential guests. Another great reason for using Airbnb cleaners is that they can attend to many tasks that you may find too unpleasant to complete, such as cleaning toilets.

Protecting your venture
Many Airbnb hosts have been banned and suspended after failing to meet the company’s quality standards. By investing in quality Airbnb cleaning services, you can continue to make a living from your home through the company.

Air BnB Superhosts
As a superhost we understand you have certain standards you must adhere to and we are here to support you. Our services are designed to make your role easier so you can focus on increasing your short term lets and growing your portfolio.

What our clients say about us

Tom and his team carry out a lot of work on behalf of our Edinburgh letting agency. Their response is always first class and the job they carry out is always of a very high standard. If you are looking for a reliable, hard working cleaning company for your property, look no further than Polished Scot.

“I recommend highly Polished Scot. We required a full house clean before handing over to new owners. Tomek responded brilliantly at short notice and his team were friendly and efficient.

We’ve been using Polished Scot for the best part of a year now, and the service has been consistently of a very high standard. Tomek and the team do a fantastic job, and they are flexible and easy to deal with. We would have no problem recommending them to others looking for similar services.

Ross Winton
Manager – Zone Lettings

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Tony Williams
Home Owner – New Town

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Jamie Smith
Owner – AirBnB Property

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