How do I Clean Office Stairs?

Cleaning office stairwells can be very challenging, especially if your stairs see a great deal of traffic during the working day.

What puts many business owners off cleaning their stairs is that the process can be very tricky and time-consuming.

Thankfully, the right office cleaning company can carry out stairwell cleaning to the highest standards so you can focus on what you do best.


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Most common ways to clean stairs

Stairs can amass a great deal of dirt from footwear over time. Vacuuming and stain removal can eliminate most problems, but specialist cleaning services may be required in some circumstances.

Hard floor stairs usually need mopping with quick-drying detergent, and railings and bannisters can be dusted and wiped down with antibacterial solutions.

The order by which you clean your stairs can be dictated by the location of suitable power points if you are vacuuming and the order by which you are cleaning the property, ie top to bottom, or bottom up.

Should I use a professional stair cleaning company?

Professional cleaning companies can clean your stairs as little or as often as you require. Some companies may need their staircases cleaned each day or week, whilst others may only carry out the process every month or so.

To get the best results, it’s important to clean not only the stairs themselves but the surrounding elements too, such as your bannisters, fixtures and railings.

The benefits of clean staircases and stairwells

Clean staircases help you give off the right impression when you have visitors such as potential clients and investors in your workplace.

You are also more likely to attract and retain the best staff if you take care of communal areas such as your staircases.

Cleanliness tends to boost staff morale and heighten productivity. If your work environment seems sloppy and uncared for, staff may fail to work to the best of their abilities, negatively influenced by their wider environment.

Powerful cleaning and sanitising solutions

A quality stair cleaning company will use powerful resources to deliver the desired results. They will also invest in ongoing training to so their staff can provide the quality that you’re looking for.

Over time, staircases can gather a huge amount of dirt and debris. Office cleaning companies tend to clean carpeted and hardfloor staircases, with some even resealing your floors and steps if needed.

Are office staircase cleaning services worth it?

There are many good reasons for investing in office staircase cleaning services, even if most of your staff take the elevator rather than the stairs.

From a safety perspective there is specific legislation from the HSE relating to the safe cleaning of office stairs.

You should pay particular attention to trip hazards on the stairs and not reach out past the bannisters at any time. Where required you must always use extension poles to reach into the void of your stairwell.

If you don’t maintain your office staircases sufficiently, their condition may decline remarkably. Many business owners have had no choice but to enlist the support of professionals once their internal cleaning teams have become unable to deal with the problem.

If you don’t maintain your stairwells, the corners could become soiled so much that specialist cleaning resources will be needed.

You may also need assistance if you have specialist types of flooring that may be damaged by off-the-shelf products.

Free up valuable time

There are many great reasons for outsourcing staircase cleaning to a professional cleaning company.

A leading cleaning company can clean your stairs without damaging them. Staircase cleaning can be incredibly time-consuming, so it may be best to leave things to the professionals so you can focus on other important business duties.

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