How to Clean an Office

If you’re wondering what the best steps to take to make your office cleaner, happier and more hygienic are, this guide is for you.

Clean offices tend to be safer, more productive ones, whereas productivity can be hampered substantially in messier, dirtier environments.


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Vacuuming Mopping & Waste Management?

To achieve a higher level of cleanliness, make sure vacuuming and mopping take place each day.

Devices like computers can attract vast amounts of dust, so it’s important to attend to these regularly.

Take the rubbish to an external bin at least once a day and make sure there are plenty of bins placed around the office to stop waste from mounting up.

You may also wish to purchase separate bins for recyclable waste. Documents featuring sensitive information should be shredded when you no longer require them.

Toilets & Kitchens

Toilets should be sanitised regularly to prevent germs from being transmitted around your employees.

When bugs are transmitted, staff can become incredibly sick and forced to take time off work.

This can result in reduced productivity and, ultimately, profits. Bugs can also be transmitted in kitchens.

Encourage team members to dispose of food waste and packaging as soon as they have finished eating.

Keep kitchen surfaces and worktops as clean as possible and ask your staff to clean up after themselves.

Schedule a Deep Clean

It’s also a very good idea to book in a deep clean every so often so harder to reach areas can be cleaned.

Parts of your office that you don’t access very often can amass vast amounts of grime and dirt over time.

During a typical deep clean, your carpets, upholstery, floors and corners may also be attended to.

Computers, Keyboards and other devices

Computers, telephones and other appliances shouldn’t be overlooked. They tend to be home to home amounts of germs and bacteria.

In fact, a typical desktop has 400 times more bacteria than a toilet seat. Cleaning gel, canned air, wipes and brushes can help you keep computers, phones and keyboards clean.

Consider supplying employees with their own resources so they can keep their equipment clean during working hours.

Cleanliness and tidiness go hand in hand, so whilst staff are taking care of hygiene they can also keep desktop clutter to a minimum, which contributes to the overall appearance of your office space.

Should you outsource your office cleaning

Although there are several steps that you can take yourself if you wish to make your office cleaner, you can remove much of the stress attached to creating cleanliness by outsourcing these tasks.

A professional cleaning company can use powerful resources to deliver a higher standard of cleanliness.

They can also use their vast experience to make tougher jobs a breeze. Many companies seek out flexible cleaning companies that can work before and after office hours to keep disruption to a minimum.
Regular office cleaning can boost morale, reduce absenteeism, make your office a better place to work and impress visitors including customers, clients and investors.

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