The Ultimate Office Cleaning & Sanitising Checklist

Clean offices tend to be safer, happier and more productive ones. If you want to maintain the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene in your office, this guide is for you.

Follow this office cleaning and sanitising checklist to keep your employees motivated, impress visitors including clients and investors, and create a better workplace.
Some jobs need to be carried out more regularly than others. Whilst some jobs are required every day, others only need to be completed every few months or so.


Office cleaning and sanitizing checklist

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Office Cleaning and Sanitizing Checklist

Daily cleaning jobs 
Daily cleaning jobs won’t require vast amounts of your time but are necessary for maintaining a healthier, cleaner and happier environment.
* Declutter and wipe surfaces
* Empty waste into an external bin
* Hoovering
* Wipe computer monitors, keyboards and phones
* Mop your hard floors
Weekly cleaning jobs 
Weekly cleaning jobs will require more time and effort but are certainly worth carrying out.
These include:
* Replenishing toilet roll, soap and hand towel supplies
* Deep cleaning and disinfecting kitchens and bathrooms
* Polishing wood, glass and mirrors
* Throwing away out-of-date food
* Cleaning refrigerators and kitchen appliances
Monthly cleaning jobs 
Certainly worth the effort, these tasks should be completed every four weeks or so.
* Dusting your office from top to bottom
* Hoovering fabric surfaces including chairs  
* Hard floor polishing
* Carpet deep cleaning
* Window cleaning
Covid-specific cleaning 
Since the outbreak of the pandemic, professional cleaners have added an array of duties to their regular cleaning schedules.
Here are some of the frequently touched surfaces currently being sanitised by professional Covid cleaners.
* Light switches
* Toilets
* Doors and door handles
* Tabletops
* Taps
* Stair rails
* Lift buttons/doors
* Door entry systems
* Kitchen surfaces

Covid-era cleaners are also wearing gloves and other PPE during cleaning duties, washing their hands before and after each cleaning process. They are also using disposable gloves whenever possible, without ever sharing gloves or using gloves on more than one job/property..

Access to areas that have been used by people confirmed to have Covid-19 may be restricted. These can include touchpoints, break rooms and bathrooms. Leaving windows and doors open can also boost air circulation to stop the spread.

How professional cleaning companies can help

If you don’t have enough time to attend to these tasks yourself, it’s a great idea to outsource them to a reputable cleaning company who can complete them on your behalf. Using a contract cleaner allows you to focus on what you do best safe in the knowledge that everything’s been handled by competent professionals.

Detailed office cleaning and sanitizing of boardroom.

Detailed office cleaning and sanitizing of office chairs.

Bespoke Office Cleaning

The best professional cleaning companies are flexible enough to create a bespoke schedule for you. This means you don’t have to pay for anything that won’t be of benefit.

Some companies welcome professional cleaners into their offices every week or even every month, but if you’re overseeing a busy office environment you may require daily cleaning.

A better standard of cleanliness

Deep cleaning can improve your work environment substantially. When workers know your office is well-maintained, clean and safe they can become more productive.

Their attitude towards work may also see a boost. Workplace morale may be improved, which can enhance productivity remarkably. Deep cleaning also reduces the chances of illnesses being spread, therefore cutting absenteeism.

A clean office can also help you impress investors and other visitors, reassuring them that your company is worth doing business with.

A thorough deep clean can help you make the right impression when visitors enter your offices.

Prolong the lifespan of your resources

Bacteria, mould, wear and tear can shorten the life of resources including your office upholstery. When deep cleaning takes place, you can postpone replacing your office furniture.

If you’re operating on a tight budget, it’s important to ensure your furniture lasts for as long as possible.

Create a perfect workspace

Regular cleaning alone is not enough when you want to maintain the highest standards of cleanliness.

Various parts of your office may be overlooked during regular cleaning, but areas that aren’t used so often can become unclean and hazardous over time, which is why deep cleans are so important.

Professional deep cleaners can attend to the spots that aren’t normally touched during regular cleans, helping you win the battle against bacteria, dust, dirt, mould and mildew.

To find out whether deep cleaning is required at your office, simply move an item of furniture in an area that hasn’t been cleaned for some time.

Chances are that substantial amounts of dust and dirt will be visible.

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