Top 10 Office Cleaning Tips

Office Cleaning Tips

Maintaining a tidy, welcoming office can work wonders for business productivity and create a great welcoming environment for your customers.

Cleanliness can also help you retain the most talented employees, keep investors on your side and improve the image of your business.

Let’s take a look at ten of the most important tips for cleaning your office.


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1. Keep your paperwork organised

Investing in the right storage system for your paperwork can help you ease stress, create a more positive working environment and boost morale.

There are many storage solutions available that will help you organise your documents and keep them out of view. These include filing cabinets and desk trays.

2. Encourage frequent desk cleaning

Encourage employees to keep their desks as tidy as possible. Low levels of cleanliness are proven to have a negative impact on Productivity which can plummet once clutter starts to amass.

It’s also a wise move to give staff access to hand cleaning gel and tissue so they can keep on top of hygiene.

3. Empty the bins regularly

Encourage your team members to dispose of rubbish by placing several bins around the office. Rubbish can quickly mount up if bins are unavailable nearby.

You should empty your office bins into your external bins each day.

4. Keep your toilets and bathrooms clean

Office cleaning tip number 4 is that bugs can be transmitted in toilet and bathroom areas which can result in increased sickness, which then hampers productivity and profit margins. Keep your staff healthy by disinfecting these areas.

If you don’t have time to do this yourself, a professional cleaning contractor can carry out these duties on your behalf.

5. Keep your kitchens clean

Make sure food is disposed of as soon as staff have finished eating. It’s important to clean sinks, worktops and tables at least once a day.

The kitchen is another area where bugs are often transmitted so it’s important to sanitise these areas in addition to cleaning.

You may also want to reserve eating to a designated dining area which helps keeps desks and computer equipment safe from spills and crumbs.

6. Clean work areas

Productivity can be hit substantially when work areas are not kept clean and tidy.

It’s highly advisable to dust at least once a week, clean cables hooked up to computers and other equipment and wipe stains and dust from desks as soon as you spot them.

7. Tidy your break rooms

A considerable number of offices have separate break rooms or common rooms for eating, drinking and socialising.

By keeping your break room clean, you can stop employees moving dust from the break room to the main office area.

8. Don’t overlook electronics

Dust is famously attracted to electronic devices and appliances. It can build up at great speeds around computers, monitors and so on.

You can remove dust from these surfaces with air dusters, soft cloths and dusters. Disinfectant can be highly efficient in removing germs from devices like telephones but should not be used on computers screens.

9. Reception area cleaning

Your reception area is one of the most important areas in your building. A clean well presented reception adds to your company’s brand and is important for both staff and visitors.

10. Get help if you need it

Hiring professional and fully trained cleaners can save you a great deal of time. Professional cleaners normally have access to powerful cleaning resources and can use their skills to achieve a higher standard of cleanliness.

Why not focus on what you do best and leave major cleaning duties to the professionals who love cleaning?

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