Complete Guide to Office Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning your office can benefit you and your team in a myriad of ways. When you invest in professional office deep cleaning services, you can create a healthier, happier and more productive work environment for your staff and visitors.


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Do you need a deep clean?

Even if your office appears to be clean, you may still be facing substantial problems with mould, dust and bacteria that have quietly mounted up over recent months.

During a deep clean, experienced professionals can attack every part of your office, including not only surfaces touched by employees many times a day, but corners and workspaces that aren’t used so frequently.

How often is deep cleaning needed and what does it consist of?

Deep cleans typically occur alongside your regular cleaning activities. It usually takes place around every three months or so.

During a deep clean, a host of hidden surfaces, ceilings and light fixtures will be attended to. Typical deep cleaning activities include disinfection, dusting and vacuuming.

Deep cleaners normally start at the top with your ceilings and lighting fixtures before working their way down to the walls, desks and floor.

In addition to your offices deep cleaning would normally include any kitchens, bathrooms hallways, stairs, lifts reception areas and patios.

Before the process comes to an end, an inspection will normally be carried out to ensure nothing has been missed.

Other key tasks

A professional deep cleaner will spend a considerable period cleaning surfaces that are frequently touched by your team. These can include desks, phones, computer screens and keyboards.

They may also spend a great deal of time cleaning the kitchen and bathroom.

Cabinets and desks will normally be moved so the areas they are located in can be deep cleaned.

You should also expect carpet and rug cleaning to come as part of the service, with processes like steam extraction being used to deliver the best results.

Improved morale and productivity

Deep cleaning can improve your work environment substantially. When workers know your office is well-maintained, clean and safe they can become more productive.

Their attitude towards work may also see a boost. Workplace morale may be improved, which can enhance productivity remarkably. Deep cleaning also reduces the chances of illnesses being spread, therefore cutting absenteeism.

A clean office can also help you impress investors and other visitors, reassuring them that your company is worth doing business with.

A thorough deep clean can help you make the right impression when visitors enter your offices.

Prolong the lifespan of your resources

Bacteria, mould, wear and tear can shorten the life of resources including your office upholstery. When deep cleaning takes place, you can postpone replacing your office furniture.

If you’re operating on a tight budget, it’s important to ensure your furniture lasts for as long as possible.

Create a perfect workspace

Regular cleaning alone is not enough when you want to maintain the highest standards of cleanliness.

Various parts of your office may be overlooked during regular cleaning, but areas that aren’t used so often can become unclean and hazardous over time, which is why deep cleans are so important.

Professional deep cleaners can attend to the spots that aren’t normally touched during regular cleans, helping you win the battle against bacteria, dust, dirt, mould and mildew.

To find out whether deep cleaning is required at your office, simply move an item of furniture in an area that hasn’t been cleaned for some time.

Chances are that substantial amounts of dust and dirt will be visible.

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