Office & General Cleaning Services in a Covid World

Coronavirus has caused companies across the UK to change the way that they operate.

If there is an outbreak of Covid-19 at your business premises, your enterprise could be forced to close and this could leave the organisation with a substantial loss in revenue.

The burden of responsibility that was always there for companies to maintain safe and secure premises for there employees and visitors has now extended to cover Covid-19.

A reputable cleaning company will be able to clean and sanitise your premises from top to bottom to keep your workplace safe for your employees and visitors both to reduce the likely hood of an outbreak and help you recover and disinfect the premises after an outbreak.


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Don’t underestimate the dangers

As you will be aware we mustn’t underestimate how quickly and easily the coronavirus can spread. Whenever someone breathes, talks, sneezes or coughs, they may release minuscule droplets into the air that can be transmitted to others.

People don’t normally start to notice the symptoms of coronavirus for up to fourteen days after they contract it.

This means, there may be people working in your building spreading it to others right now. Some people may pass it on without ever experiencing any symptoms themselves.

In order to combat this we suggest you consider testing employees and visitors before they enter your building.

Anti-Covid techniques for keeping your office clean

Various approved chemical cleaning agents can help you minimise the spread of coronavirus.

Techniques including fogging and spraying have been used to decontaminate business premises over the past year.

These techniques can be used to sanitise all the surfaces in your business premises, from your walls, door and windows to your carpets, light fitting and equipment.

Surfaces that are touched by a high number of people can be sanitised, but it’s also important to attend to areas that aren’t used so much as transmission can still occur in these environments if they are used by more than one person.

PPE is essential for office cleaners

Professional cleaning companies delivering services to you during the pandemic should wear PPE at all times.

There are numerous legal obligations your organisation will have under the new Covid-19 legislation and this can be found on the UK Government website.

Before cleaning takes place, it’s important to talk to your staff members about the techniques that are being used. Explain why they have been chosen.

It’s thought that Covid-19 could live on surfaces for up to three days. If there is any reason to believe a surface may have been contaminated with coronavirus, it should be cleaned and sanitised immediately.

Touchpoint cleaning within your office

Surfaces that require touchpoint Covid-19 cleaning include doorknobs, handles, telephones, light switches and so on. These should be cleaned daily.

The more frequently a surface is touched, the more regularly it needs to be cleaned.

Areas that require specific attention may include canteens, receptions, conference rooms, toilets, shower rooms and handwashing stations to name but a few.

Cleaning & disinfecting your office

Disposable gloves and masks should be used for cleaning during the pandemic.

They should be disposed of carefully once the cleaning process ends.

Cleaning should take place before disinfection. This means the viral load can be reduced and the efficiency of the disinfectant can be optimised.

Only one item should be cleaned at a time. As cleaning companies become more experienced in working through the pandemic, they are becoming increasingly adept at keeping the spread to a minimum.

Always feel free to ask as many questions as you need to before recruiting Covid office cleaners.

Covid may have increased the workloads of cleaning companies dramatically, but the right provider can help you, your team and your visitors stay as safe as possible.

Office and general cleaning services

Polished Scot provides office and general cleaning services throughout Edinburgh and the Lothians. We use environmentally friendly cleaning materials which are designed for modern office cleaning and safe for your employees and visitors.

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